New Pig LEAKBLOCKERNew Pig Corp. has designed its PIG™LEAKTRAPPER™ universal absorbent bag to secure to leaking nozzles, faucets and valves, thus capturing nuisance leaks and drips at their source — before they hit the ground or contaminate soil. According to the company, the PIG™ LEAKTRAPPER™ also grants:

  • Low-profile PIG® mat pads, which are held in place by a permeable inner liner, to soak up and retain oils, coolants, solvents and water — even when the bag is turned upside down. 
  • The durable absorbent bag for an extra level of containment for liquid that leaches from oversaturated absorbents.
  • 2 closure styles from which to choose, including drawstrings, which cinch tightly to secure bags around nozzles, faucets, valve and other problem areas and have maximum load-bearing strength; or Velcro® that opens wider for easy, frequent access to store parts and equipment. 
  • The capability to help facilities avoid EPA violations.
  • Availability in universal or oil-only absorbents.
  • Ideal suitability for storing or packing leaky parts or oily equipment.