Heat Exchangers for Wet Processing EquipmentAMETEK Fluoropolymer Products now offers heat exchangers of ultra-high-purity (UHP) PFA tubing designed specifically for semiconductor and photovoltaic wet processing equipment. According to the company, the high-performance, affordable heat exchangers are:

  • Ideal for wet etching, cleaning and other chemical processes in the semiconductor and solar energy industries that heat or cool highly corrosive high-purity acids.
  • Compact, durable, conform to the highest standards of purity, and provide long service life with no contamination of the product or fouling of the system — even when processing highly corrosive liquids.
  • Designed specifically to be immersed in acid baths to control fluid temperatures.
  • Inert to nearly all chemicals used in semiconductor and photovoltaic wet processing, less brittle than glass and graphite, and more corrosion-resistant than most metals. 
  • Made with braided tubing bundles and unique fused honeycomb ends that provide significantly better heat transfer from a much smaller footprint than similar heat exchangers.
  • Able to offer a long service life with no leaks or other thermo-mechanical failures commonly found in heat exchangers thanks to the company’s proprietary honeycomb process.
  • Available in a variety of standard and custom welded /threaded connections that allow them to fit existing equipment designs or serve as drop-in replacements for other heat exchangers.