Smart Padlocks Withstand Harsh EnvironmentsCyberLock electronic access control technology has been incorporated into two smart padlocks: the Hockey Puck and the Bar Bell. Both padlocks perform well in wet, corrosive environments.

The Hockey Puck padlock:

  • Has a stainless steel body that completely surrounds a stainless steel shackle when closed; the buried shackle prevents attacks from bolt-cutters.
  • Features anti-drilling features built into its core, which, when paired with the stainless steel construction, make the padlock resistant to harsh conditions.
  • Is ideal for companies that need to control and track access to containers, entry gates, substations, and anywhere there’s no available power.

The Bar Bell padlock:

  • Has a stainless steel core and locking post, and is environmentally sealed with O-rings to prevent water and dirt from reaching the inner core of the lock. 
  • Features a screw-on waterproof cap, a stainless steel locking post, and a stainless steel cable that tethers the cap and post to the body of the lock to prevent them from being misplaced.
  • Is built for applications such as securing tank valves, underground utility vaults, and chemical containers.