Enclosures fit conveniently under the mass spectrometerMS Noise, a company that has been delivering soundproof enclosures for vacuum pumps since 2004, recently introduced an extensive range of soundproofing products for the analytical laboratory. In order to help reduce high noise levels caused by vacuum pumps, the company offers soundproofing enclosures which:

  • Are solidly manufactured with 6-mm-thick ABS and 45-50 mm of heatproof, oil-proof, and flameproof insulation material.
  • Are equipped with robust and quiet cooling fans which dissipate internal heat build-up.
  • Accommodate the entire device and have an internal buffer zone to prevent pump overheating.
  • Feature convenient slots and windows which simplify installation and maintenance and enable a clear view to check system status.
  • Offer typical sound reduction of 12 dbA or more, or 50-77 percent reduction in noise.
  • Due to rising demand, the company now offers soundproof enclosures not only for vacuum pumps, but also for water chillers, ultrasonic baths, nitrogen generators and more.