Great Western Tru-BalanceGreat Western Manufacturing has custom-designed its Tru-Balance box-type sifter for screening any dry, free-flowing product ranging in size from 1/4 inches to 400 mesh. According to the company, the Tru-Balance further offers:  

  • A gentle gyratory sifting motion that provides the most accurate separations.
  • Perfect balance and vibration-free performance, which is accomplished by straddling the sifter’s center of gravity with counterweights that offset the rotating sieve housing. 
  • A dust-tight rotating sieve housing mounted in a sanitary tubular steel drive frame. 
  • Stacked sieve frames to allow the screen area to be matched, accurately allocated to each application, and adaptable to a range of products and capacities. 
  • The capability to easily open the sifter, completely remove and maintain the sieves, and reassemble the entire unit in minutes — without special tools — minimizing down time for maintenance and cleaning.
  • The flexibility to be configured for up to 6 separations, depending on the application. 
  • A sieve box finished with a standard exterior semi-gloss lacquer or an optional enamel finish. 
  • An interior lined with stainless steel or plastic laminate for sanitation and abrasion resistance.
  • Availability of each model using from 4 to 14 sieve frames in 4 different sieve sizes. 
  • The option to be floor supported or ceiling suspended, depending on the application.