Abanaki Oil RemediationAccording to Abanaki Corp., its medium-viscosity oil groundwater remediation system not only fits existing monitoring or remediation wells, but is also effective on medium-weight oils, such as lube, motor and hydraulic. The company says that this system also delivers:

  • A cost-effective alternative for removing medium fuel oils from groundwater compared to pump-and-treat groundwater remediation systems.
  • The PetroXtractor belt oil skimmer, with models that operate in 2-, 4- or 6-inch (dia.) monitoring wells and in depths up to 100 feet or more.
  • Optimal removal rates due to the company's durable poly belt, which is designed to capture floating oil as the belt passes through the surface of the water.
  • Oil skimmer wiper blades to scrape oil from the belt and discharge it into an oil concentrator, a small gravity separator that removes any trace water from the skimmed oil. 
  • The flow of the waste oil out of the concentrator and into a transfer tank where a pump activated by float switches sends the oil to a customer-provided waste oil vessel.
  • Availability of an explosion-proof configuration.