Ametek Large-Diameter Tubing and PipingAmetek Fluoropolymer Products has added tubing with diameters ranging from 1 ½ inches to 3 inches to its line of ultra-high-purity (UHP) tubing for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries. According to the company, product features include:

  • The company can manufacture tubing and pipe from various grades of fluoropolymer resins to meet specific customer applications and ship them to comply with specific customer JIT delivery requirements.
  • All tubing with a diameter of 2 inches or more is available in straight lengths up to 20 feet; smaller diameters are available in spools or straight lengths. 
  • The tubing meets all common operating temperatures and pressures, with standard tubing meeting operating pressures up to 70 psi and 73° F.
  • Schedule 40 pipe with diameters up to 3 inches is also available.
  • Tubing and pipe can replace molded components that often must be welded together to achieve the desired storage capability; larger diameter tubing and pipe in longer lengths reduces the number of welds along with process contamination concerns, providing an efficient and cost-effective solution for handling higher volume process fluids.
  • The company also offers fluoropolymer containment vessels which can replace glass vessels that are more prone to breakage and thinning of the walls due to etching by certain corrosive chemicals such as hydrofluoric acid — the containment vessels are inert to nearly all chemicals used in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries (they will not corrode, thin or etch and are not subject to breakage from mechanical or thermal shock).