Advantix air treatmentAdvantix Systems provides innovative, efficient air treatment systems based on liquid desiccant technology to HVAC applications and industrial customers across the globe. For example, its DuTreat Series all-electric system provides cooling, heating, dehumidification and improved air quality; whereas its DuHandling Series uses hot and cold water as its primary energy source, and can enable the use of renewable and sustainable energy sources, such as solar thermal systems, cogeneration and chiller waste heat; while the DuHybrid automatically alternates between renewable energy sources and electricity, operating on the most available, cost-effective energy source. Moreover, according to the company, these air treatment systems:

  • Minimize energy consumption by 30 to 50 percent by avoiding rework of conventional systems.
  • Lessen operating expenses by 30 to 40 percent compared to conventional outdoor air systems, and reduce operating expenses by 55 to 65 percent compared to desiccant wheel systems.
  • Clean air, boasting an 80 percent removal of particulates and 91 percent of airborne microorganisms in each pass.
  • Control temperature and humidity independently for any sensible heat ratio.
  • Use a non-toxic lithium chloride solution (similar to salt water) to reduce humidity in the air while cooling it at the same time, delivering required temperature and humidity levels without overcooling.
  • Implement natural cleansing qualities to eliminate the need for air filters to eliminate germs and odors.
  • Provide the option to use solar panels, geothermal water and waste heat for further energy savings.
  • Have proven reliability across a wide range of applications and environments.
  • Simplify installation and configuration.
  • Contain standard industry parts for cost-effective maintenance.