SFT-10Supercritical Fluid Technologies introduces the completely self-contained SFT-10 liquid carbon dioxide pump with advanced Peltier (thermoelectric) technology, making it possible to achieve high pressure without the need for an external cooling bath. The SFT-10 also grants:

  • The capability to pressurize carbon dioxide up to 10,000 PSI (69 MPa) at flow rates from 0.01 to 24.0 mL/minute. 
  • Reliable, dual sapphire syringe pump technology to achieve high pressures rapidly.
  • A Peltier chiller with optimal cooling capability. 
  • The maintenance of temperature at the pump heads low enough to ensure the carbon dioxide remains liquid.
  • A standard constant pressure operating mode in which the pump maintains a pressure set point. 
  • The flexibility to act as a stand-alone CO2 pump or used as part of the company’s SFT-100/SFT-100XW supercritical fluid extractors.
  • Availability of an optional constant flow mode — from 0.01 to 24.0 mL/minute. 
  • Suitability for  pharmaceutical, food, neutraceutical, polymer chemistry and research applications.