Advanced Thermal maxiFLOWAdvanced Thermal Solutions has developed maxiFLOW™ heat sinks with an integral pushpin-mounting system for fast, safe attachment onto hot components. maxiFLOW heat sinks additionally offer:

  • The power to reduce device junction temperatures by more than 40 percent below the temperatures achieved using conventional straight-fin heat sinks.
  • An airflow rate of 100 linear feet per minute (LFM).
  • Chomerics T766 phase change thermal interface material for improved component-to-sink thermal transfer.
  • A pair of durable plastic or brass pushpins that run through opposite corners of the heat sinks and mount securely into 3-mm holes in the PCB, which is laid out in industry-standard patterns.
  • An integral spring on each pin to provide approximately 2 pounds of retention load, depending on the height of the component and the PCB thickness.
  • A low-profile, spread-fin array that maximizes surface area for more effective convection (air) cooling in the restricted airflow conditions typical of today’s condensed electronic packages.
  • Construction from lightweight extruded aluminum, which minimizes thermal resistance from the base to the fins, with a protective green anodized surface.
  • Sizes ranging from 37.4 (L) by 37.5 (W) by 10.0 mm (H) up to 41.4 (L) by 45.75 (W) by 24.5 mm (H).