System Control Options for Bulk HandlingCyclonaire Corp., a major manufacturer of bulk material handling systems and controls, provides plants using bulk conveying, weighing, mixing, and distribution equipment with a wide range of customized control options. The company offers:

  • Controls for individual pieces of equipment as well as integration for complete plant processes.
  • Single components as well as complete systems.
  • Software for plant managers who want to incorporate process control systems with overall plant operations.
  • Software and hardware for single machines, as well as for systems integrating several machines into single control architecture. 
  • Control capabilities ranging from a basic localized pushbutton and selector-switch operation of small processes, to plant-wide SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and DCS (Distributed Control System) systems.
  • In-house experience to design and implement controls for devices that include weigh scales, mixers, blenders, and distribution-handling equipment — as well as other existing or new equipment and Cyclonaire-supplied equipment.
  • Control enclosures that are produced to UL® (Underwriters Laboratories) standards and are UL-listed.
  • Services ranging from concept engineering and project management to start-up supervision.
  • Industries served include cement, chemical, battery, food, foundry, milling, mineral, railroad, power, and rubber.
  • Typical applications include bulk transfer from storage and in-plant processing, as well as process-related handling of powdered, granular, and pelletized dry materials.