DFense Blok™ wearing compoundDFense Blok™ wearing compound, from ITW Devcon®, is specially formulated to outperform and outlast traditional epoxy wear and abrasion products — even in the most severe impact and sliding abrasion conditions. The wearing compound is:

  • A new, innovative alumina ceramic bead-filled epoxy compound that, when used with DFense Blok™ Surface Wetting Agent (a 2-part thixotropic epoxy gel system that improves the ease of application and cured adhesion properties of DFense Blok™ wearing compound), drastically increases drop impact strength over 1-inch ceramic tile (tested using 85 pound weight with a 0.25 square inch striking surface).
  • Equipped with abrasion resistance which is significantly better than traditional epoxy products (per grit-blast abrasion testing: #14 silicon carbide blasted at 40 psi, 45-degree angle).
  • Ideal for use in repairing, rebuilding and protecting typical wear and abrasion applications such as pipe elbows, scrubbers, ash handling systems, cyclones, fan blades, pump boxes, float cells, screw conveyors and augers (in areas that cannot be welded or where sufficient surface preparation cannot be performed, it is recommended to first apply a coat of DFense Blok™ Surface Wetting Agent).
  • Able to be used in place of abrasion-resistant metal and ceramic tile.
  • Available in 30-pound pails, mixed in a 2:1 ratio, and has a working time of 25 minutes at room temperature.
  • A non-sagging compound — it can be easily applied by trowel at thicknesses of ¾ inch on vertical surfaces and ½ inch on overhead surfaces.
  • Able to achieve functional cure in only 4-5 hours, allowing equipment to be returned to service in hours, not days.
  • Made to have superior wear and abrasion resistance, withstanding high-impact conditions and service temperatures up to 300° F. 
  • Able to significantly improve the adhesion of DFense Blok™ compared to traditional epoxy products (per ASTM D 1002); once it has been applied, there is no wait time before applying the wearing compound.
  • Orange in color, ensuring complete surface coverage and facilitating visual inspection — a single 1-pound kit provides enough surface coverage for 30 pounds of DFense Blok™.