Pall Allegro™ 200L Single-Use MixerPall Corporation now offers the Pall Allegro™ 200L Single-Use Mixer for high-performance mixing in biopharmaceutical applications from pilot scale to full production. The mixer:

  • Substantially improves the efficiency of critical mixing processes throughout the drug production cycle.
  • Is designed to provide exceptional mixing performance for a wide range of liquid-liquid and solid-liquid mixing applications, including compounding, formulation, buffer and media preparation, and pH/conductivity adjustment.
  • Is specially engineered for difficult mixing applications, including processes utilizing dense powders or high viscosities, or applications requiring repeatable, fast-mixing performance.
  • Features an impeller designed for low-shear, general purpose mixing.
  • Offers clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation for complete flexibility in up-flow and down-flow mixing (depending on process requirements), and consistent mixing performance in volumes from 50 to 200 liters.
  • Is very easy to install and remove.
  • Includes a flush drain valve to prevent entrapment of high density solids during mixing.
  • Features the same high quality film as Pall’s Allegro biocontainer product range in order to reduce validation requirements, and also includes
  • a Good Engineering Practice (GEP)-compliant design for efficient mixing performance.