Charles Ross MixerCharles Ross & Son’s double planetary mixers now incorporate more clean design features to help users improve the efficiency of high-viscosity mixing processes. Some of these developments include:

  • High-viscosity (HV) blades that boast a precisely angled helical contour that generates a unique vertical mixing action — the sweeping curve firmly pushes the batch material forward and downward, keeping it within the mixing zone at all times.
  • New helical blades to prevent material from climbing, which can be experienced with traditional rectangular stirrers.
  • Enhanced control over batch levels to significantly improve mixing efficiency and shorten cycle times, while facilitating cleanup and product purity.
  • An extended viscosity range to approximately 6 million cP.
  • Highly polished 316 stainless steel wetted parts.
  • A labyrinth-style gearbox sealing arrangement.
  • Double lip seals on each stirrer shaft, plus a dust shield.
  • A flush-mounted discharge valve and platen-style discharge system.
  • Standard sizes from a 1/2 pint through 750 gallons.
  • An optional vacuum pump, as well as surface coatings, rotating and sidewall thermocouples, level sensors and PLC controls.