Valve-Tronic Plus™The Valve-Tronic Plus™, from Waukee Engineering, is a next-generation flow controller developed for demanding industrial applications that require accurate measurement and flow control. The flow controller’s features include:

  • Controller is designed for practically maintenance-free reliability — it can operate as a stand-alone solution for basic applications, or it can be integrated with a process control system or SCADA for automatic flow control.
  • Built-in web interface for easy access to parameter settings, event logs and troubleshooting.
  • Built-in PID control between the flow sensor and the valve control unit for immunity from incoming gas supply pressure fluctuations.
  • A flow totalization feature that provides total gas consumption of a process.
  • An optional Temperature / Pressure compensation that ensures real-time correction for optimum accuracy of flow measurement at all times.
  • Other features include: proprietary magnetic flow sensing technology that makes the flow controller insensitive to dirty oil, standard Modbus TCP for easy integration with control systems, and advanced polynomial calibration for high accuracy over the entire range of the meter.