Meatline 05 0 Metal DetectorBunting® Magnetics Co. has strengthened its world-class lineup of metal detection equipment with the addition of the Meatline 05 0 Metal Detector. The metal detector is characterized by:

  • Designed for integration in vacuum fillers to examine liquid and pasty type food products, it detects and separates any type of metal, encapsulated or free.
  • Features the highest possible sensitivity with little interference.
  • Includes the latest technology and software.
  • Detector is able to easily handle any product in a paste form.
  • Has a reject mechanism which can be taken apart in a few easy steps without the need for tools: all components are linked together with a chain so they cannot get lost, and, after cleaning, everything easily fits together again.
  • Metal detector fits all commercial vacuum fillers, is pressure washer safe, and has a stable frame with lockable casters.
  • The detector’s design allows for easy, fast operation through a touch screen display with a self-explanatory menu structure.
  • A powerful signal processor with a large dynamic range and precise product effect filtering (Dynamic Product Control) means that the detector will give you the best performance, even in case of pronounced product effect.
  • All components are made of stainless steel or food-safe plastic.
  • Features a responsive, powerful and permanently maintenance-free pneumatic drive for a long lifespan.