Type P289 high-performance industry back pressure regulatorThe BelGAS division of Marsh Bellofram Corp. has introduced the Type P289 high-performance industry back pressure regulator which also functions as a high-flow relief valve with an adjustable set point. The regulators:

  • May be used in place of a standard relief valve to provide protection against over pressurization in the downstream system.
  • Have a large diaphragm area and integral Pitot tube booster.
  • Are designed for quick and smooth response to excessive pressure relief requirements, particularly within low-pressure settings. 
  • Feature a simple design which allows for high reliability with high flow rates, throttling-type relief and tight shutoff.
  • Are versatile and feature exceptional performance characteristics which make the regulator ideal for fuel gas relief, gas gathering relief and downstream system pressure control applications.
  • Are offered with optional regulator rebuild kits.