RotexThe Minerals Separator™ from ROTEX Global is a high-capacity screener that maximizes product recoveries through a unique elliptical-linear motion which creates sharp separations. The screener has undergone a number of updates and now features:

  • Productivity-enhancing upgrades including improved blinding control, more efficient feed cones, and ergonomic clamp handles.
  • Advanced screen frame design which improves blinding control and extends screen life for fine mesh frac sand applications.
  • Design which forces a more random impact for the mesh cleaning balls, offering better blinding control, reducing screen fatigue, and notably lengthening screen life.
  • A feed cone that sits inside the inlet feeder to uniformly distribute material to each side and level of the screener, which is especially beneficial to frac sand processors working in tight conditions or feeding at sharp angles.
  • An over-center clamp handle to the discharge doors, which eliminates the need for adjustable threaded connections, enables faster access to the screen decks, and reduces down time.
  • Proprietary design contains up to three screen decks, which provides more screening area per square foot and allows for installation in confined spaces.
  • Every separator features abrasion-resistant steel construction and an external drive for easy maintenance access.
  • Available worldwide, the screener comes in 30 models which can be customized for any application.