Videx CyberLockVidex can provide CyberLock electronic access and key control nearly anywhere a mechanical lock is present. According to the company, retrofitting existing lock hardware is as simple as removing a mechanical lock’s key-cylinder and replacing it with the CyberLock electronic cylinder. CyberLock electronic locks, smart padlocks and programmable keys also grant:

  • A variety of solutions that can quickly provide the physical security and key control an organization needs.
  • Tight control of overall access as each person's key can be programmed with the specific access permissions they need to do their job — what locks they can open and when.
  • The capability of both the electronic key and lock to record openings and exceptions, including unauthorized attempts to enter.
  • Detailed audit reporting and email alerts that can increase accountability, and be valuable when management needs to know who and when someone has accessed an area.
  • Electronic keys that cannot be duplicated or copied at the local hardware store, which literally erases the threat of unknown keys in circulation.
  • The power to quickly block a key from accessing any locks if someone loses that key.
  • Elimination of the time and expense of re-keying a facility.