Spraying Systems TankJet 75According to Spraying Systems Co., its TankJet® 75 fluid-driven tank cleaner provides thorough impingement cleaning of small tanks without the expense of high-impact tank cleaners. The unit additionally boasts:

  • Rotating solid stream nozzles that complete a 360° indexing pattern every 45 revolutions for complete coverage of the entire tank.
  • External gears to reduce nozzle speed for better impact and cleaning efficiency.
  • Accommodations for medium-impact cleaning of tanks, totes and intermediate bulk containers.
  • The flexibility to clean tanks up to 30 feet (9.1 m) in diameter.
  • A simple, self-cleaning, flow-through design that enables easy maintenance and requires approximately 5 minutes for rebuilding.
  • Availability with a 2- or 4-nozzle hub.
  • The capability to be mounted permanently or moved from tank to tank with ease.
  • Suitability for cleaning chemical containers, dairy tanks and totes, food and beverage tanks, pharmaceutical tanks and process tanks.