SolartronThe Dualstream Elite family of wet gas flow meters provides gas, water and condensate flow measurement without the use of radiation-emitting sources.  According to the company, the environmentally friendly meters additionally:

  • Utilize a unique approach for water fraction measurement developed especially for real-time measurement of phase fractions in wet gas applications: the innovative flow meters incorporate multipath non-intrusive sensors and demonstrate excellent performance in oil and water continuous flow.
  • Have accuracies of +/-2 percent relative (typical) for gas mass flow rates and +/-0.1 percent abs for water volume fraction.
  • Are designed for direct installation at a wellhead or subsea gathering line. 
  • Are stable and reliable (with a typical lifespan greater than 20 years), making them ideal for unmanned platforms and marginal field development, and suitable for ultra deepwater installation. 
  • Can be customized to ensure compatibility with other project equipment such as remotely operated vehicles, subsea trees, gathering lines, available power and communication protocols.
  • Are patented and provide multiphase flow data in real time at the wellhead or transmission pipeline.
  • Are available initially for topside installations using an Enhanced Dual Phase Mode that has proven to be extremely robust to changes in field hydrocarbon compositions; the company expects to release a subsea version by the fourth quarter of 2012.
  • Seastream (single phase) flow meters were developed specifically for subsea injection metering, including water injection, methanol injection
  • and gas lift and have played a key role in optimizing oil and gas recovery from marginal fields.