5-25WhyteAccording to Enpac, their versatile IBC2000i spill containment unit offers rugged polyethylene portability and safety and is designed to be the most versatile spill containment unit available. The units’ features include:

  • US-built to comply with some of the world’s most rigorous materials handling requirements, they feature a one-piece design, 100 percent polyethylene construction, and include an integrated 19 liter (approximately 5 gallon) bucket holder for quick and easy dispensing.
  • Built-in decanting capability and lightweight (132.5 kg) construction, forklift-able without load, and nest-able for convenient shipping and storage.
  • A sump capacity of nearly 1500 liters (385 gallons): the unit’s 3600 kg load capacity means two IBCs can be stacked safely on top.
  • All units include a drain for the sump, while grates on the center pedestal offer skid resistance and make loading easy.
  • The Enpac advanced spill containment range —  including pallet, drum and workstation systems — help combat slip, fall and trip accidents.
  • Ideal for automotive, building, construction, electrical, government utility, hospitals,  laboratories, manufacturing, materials handling, mining and petroleum, process engineering, primary product processing and transport media.