5-25YokogawaVersion R9.04 of the FAST/TOOLS web-based SCADA system enables remote engineering and maintenance and allows the deployment and real-time management of process applications via secure web-based services. According to Yokogawa, the system increases overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and return on assets (ROA) and also provides:

  • Operation recording and playback: it is possible to record HMI displays in real time because the system functions much like a flight recorder, enabling the synchronized playback of screens with alarms and events as well as process and trend data.
  • E-mail notification and alarm reporting: in addition to its standard EEMUA 191 compliant alarm management functionality, this software now enables alarm notification messages to be e-mailed in real time to users who have subscribed to this service, which makes it easy to define when, where, and to whom notifications should be sent.
  • Advanced trending capabilities: automatic and/or manual data backfill can now be used to display recovered data, X-Y plots have been added to the rich trending library, and offline status is displayed.
  • FOUNDATION™ fieldbus faceplate library: the extensive faceplate and symbol library has been enhanced with FOUNDATION™ fieldbus faceplates that may be used together with
  • Yokogawa’s STARDOM (FCN/FCJ) autonomous controllers for increased flexibility in distributed applications. Designed specifically for the oil and gas upstream/midstream, petrochemicals, chemicals, renewable energy, power, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, food, iron and steel, waste, and water and wastewater treatment industries.
  • Ideal for remote process, asset management, data collection, and storage in widely distributed applications.