IVCNEWThe RD-MZ-3630-01 is a rapid-deploy wireless video solution which consists of a high definition color camera as well as an internal wireless radio. According to IVC, the camera is capable of transmitting over 30 frames-per-second of video in 1280 by 1024 resolutions and additionally features:

  • An IR illuminator, allowing for clear, high resolution images from over 200 feet in complete darkness. Ability to be placed anywhere for security surveillance purposes.
    Immediately connects wirelessly to an IP network for remote viewing and recording under the control of IVC’s camera management software.
  • Secure clasping hooks, letting it easily attach to rails and walls up to 1-1/2 inches thick.
  • Included adjustable antenna is mounted on an ultra-high-pull encased neodymium-iron-boron rare-earth magnetic base for secure mounting to sites that may move or vibrate. Weighs less than 22 pounds with the antenna attached and comes in a rugged, all weather enclosure equipped with a heater and blower.
  • The unit is capable of operating in temperatures from -29°C to 50°C. and comes standard with a charging adaptor and a lithium ion battery, capable of providing six hours of battery life.
  • Relay Server Software provides: scalable, enterprise application for a full range of camera management and viewing features for up to 24 IP cameras —camera video can be accessed over a LAN, WAN, VPN or the Internet from virtually anywhere, and can be connected by fiber, copper, satellite or encrypted wireless radio.
  • IVC’s View Station Software provides:  comprehensive multi-camera management and viewing, sophisticated yet easy-to-use alarm management, a completely configurable console, ability to define tours of selected preset views and set schedule, ability to view footage from 25 cameras— and, at the occurrence of a user-defined alarm, any camera control, discreet URL command, or executable program can be invoked.