5-18ControlAirControlAir says that its Type-90 miniature precision air pressure regulator is designed to provide the highest level of regulation accuracy and repeatability available to valves and other automatic control equipment. The regulator additionally offers:

  • Exact pressure control and substantial flow capacity under variable operating conditions, such as diagnostic controls, precision fluid control, microfluidics, air gauging, gas mixing, calibration standards, air hoists, ventilators, gate actuators, roll loading, valve operators, cylinder loading and web tensioning. 
  • High-resolution adjustment of set pressures.
  • Optimal flow characteristics as a result of its aspirator design, which resists droop.
  • A flow capacity of 14 SCFM at 150 PSIG (10 BAR) with a 120-PSIG (8-BAR) output. 
  • Pressure ranges up to 120 PSIG (8 BAR).
  • A temperature range of 0º to 160ºF (-18º to 71ºC). 
  • Low air consumption, which means less cost over time to the operator.
  • Availability of 1/8 NPT, BSP porting and manifold mounting.
  • 2 gauge ports and a reversible bracket to allow front or back mounting.
  • A lightweight, compact housing.