5-27GFGF Piping Systems has introduced the Signet 4630 Free-Chlorine Analyzer System to augment their growing line of measurement and control products for potable water.  According to the company, the system provides a turnkey solution for accurately measuring free chlorine and also features:

  • A clear flow cell, flow regulator, sensors, filter and rotameter, all in one compact unit. 
  • Construction which is ideal for primary and secondary disinfection, water distribution, de-chlorination, algae growth prevention, slime (bio-film) control, and taste and odor control.
  • Amperometric sensor technology which enables more accurate measurement in real-time and eliminates the need for reagents.  
  • Eliminates the problems and costs associated with chemicals while providing a highly accurate and continuous monitoring solution. 
  • Pre-wired electronics, a 120 VAC power plug, two 4 to 20 mA outputs and two mechanical relays. 
  • The ability to have manual or continuous pH compensation that allows for highly-accurate, free chlorine readings, and a chlorine sensor that also contains easily-accessible diagnostic data.
  • Built-in flow regulator which automatically controls the flow stream across the sensors membrane (resulting in reduced bubbles for improved system accuracy) and also allows for a wide range of inlet pressures from 15 to 120 psi (1 to 8 bar).
  • Comes complete with isolation ball valves that eliminate the need for purchasing additional parts — the only requirement is a 3/8-inch influent and drain tubing. 
  • Simple installation and a flow cell can be easily opened for thorough cleaning and removal of algae or hard water deposit build-up.