Grieve 829The 4-inch insulated No. 829 conveyor belt oven is an electrically heated oven produced by Grieve Corp. Features include:

  • A 4,200-CFM, 3-HP recirculating blower, which provides air flow to the oven’s 3 zones — a 2-foot (L) open-belt loading zone, a 10-foot (L) insulated heat zone and a 2-foot (L) open unloading zone.
  • A 24- by 1- by 1-inch 304 stainless steel flat-wire conveyor belt, with a 1/4-HP motor drive with variable speed from 0.3 to 6 FPM.
  • Incoloy-sheathed tubular heating elements with 40 K installed.
  • An aluminized steel interior and exterior, and 4-inch insulated walls.
  • A digital indicating temperature controller.
  • A manual reset excess temperature controller with separate contactors.
  • An SCR power controller.
  • A fused disconnect switch.
  • A recirculating blower air flow safety switch.
  • A 10-foot (D) by 30-inch (W) by 15-inch (H) workspace.
  • Suitability for curing epoxy on metal and nylon filter assemblies.