ci5-20InnovexInnoveox is now offering an innovative ecological solution to treat all organic waste. The process, called Supercritical Water Oxidation, treats industrial waste cleanly without producing any dangerous elements.  Supercritical Water Oxidation is additionally characterized by:

  • Waste water contains no metals or minerals and can be discharged directly into the natural environment, yet minerals and metals can be recovered for recycling.
  • Process is less expensive and more efficient than traditional treatment techniques — and is also environmentally friendly.
  • Consists in “cold” combustion of organic matter, which it destroys, leaving only water.
  • The waste, even if toxic, is subjected to a temperature of between 350°C and 550°C at a pressure of 221 bars, with oxygen present.
  • This technique can be used to treat the waste water from water treatment plants, and can even be used in nuclear and military fields—particularly to neutralize chemical weapons.
  • Extremely competitive treatment costs and efficiency: can treat 99.9 percent of the waste.
  • High-speed treatment, with reaction lasting about one minute.
  • Compact system can be installed directly in high-risk areas to avoid transferring costly, dangerous waste.
  • All organic industrial waste can be treated, including hazardous waste like pesticides, PCBs, used oils and solvents, petroleum waste or complex, corrosive, refractory and even explosive waste.