Spraying Systems TankJet 360According to Spraying Systems, its TankJet® 360 fluid-driven tank cleaner outperforms similar equipment by providing more consistent impact over the entire pressure range. The tank cleaner comes equipped with:

  • A crisscrossing rotation pattern to thoroughly clean tanks up to 100 feet (30 m) in diameter and remove the stickiest of residues.
  • A dual- or triple-nozzle hub and high-impact solid stream nozzles that rotate 360° in horizontal and vertical planes.
  • Operation at flows up to 300 GPM (1,135.6 L/minute).
  • Shorter cycle times so tanks can be returned to service more quickly.
  • 3 gearbox designs from which to choose — food grade, oil lubricated or flow through.
  • A compact, lightweight design that can fit in tank openings as small as 6.25 inches (158.7 mm).
  • The flexibility to be installed permanently or moved from tank to tank.
  • Suitability for use in high-concentration chemical recirculation cleaning or low-pressure, high-volume cleaning.