David Round Lab-LiftThe David Round Co. has specifically engineered this Lab-Lift™ all-stainless steel strap hoist to minimize the potential for contamination in demanding pharmaceutical manufacturing or clean-room material-handling applications. The Lab-Lift features:

  • A highly polished finish and a urethane-coated lubrication-free lifting strap, which eliminates the particulate contamination associated with chain hoists or wire rope hoists.
  • A hoist mechanism enclosed in a smooth-sided polished 304 stainless steel enclosure, which slides away to allow easy cleaning of internal components.
  • A wiper seal for the strap to help isolate the hoist’s internal mechanism from the clean-room environment.
  • All-stainless steel construction, including motors, motor brakes, load hook and latch.
  • No metal-on-metal abrasion to potentially create particle contaminants.
  • Smooth-ground welds, flush-mounted faces and plugged fasteners to further reduce potential contamination.