Witte Salt DryerThe Witte Co. introduces its salt-drying system with an integral baghouse collector set atop a vibrating fluid bed dryer to capture up to 100 percent of fine salt particles entrained in the air stream. The system further boasts:

  • The power to return fines to the process for recovery as finished product.
  • The ability to capture and recycle 50 percent of the hot exhaust air to reduce energy requirements, while cutting the volume of air exhausted by 50 percent.
  • Elimination of the product waste required in systems using cyclones to exhaust process air, along with dust collection, conveying, drum handling and other downstream equipment.
  • Less costs for product loss, waste disposal, equipment maintenance and downtime.
    The combination of the vibrating fluid bed dryer and integral baghouse collector with heating and cooling supply units and optional screeners and vibrating conveyors.
  • T-316L stainless steel product contact areas to prevent corrosion.
  • Structural steel that may be fabricated from a choice of stainless steel or epoxy-painted carbon steel with a range of finishes to meet industrial, food-grade sanitary and/or pharmaceutical requirements.