Thermo Fisher POPsThermo Fisher Scientific has released its POPs Screening and POPs Confirmation regulatory-compliant gas chromatography application kits for screening and confirming the presence of persistent organic pollutants (POPs). Contamination of food and water supplies with dioxins, furans and other persistent organic pollutants presents a danger to public health. Regulatory bodies now require screening for these compounds down to parts per trillion. According to the company, the kits further deliver:

  • A simple, ready-to-use package for gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy analysis with all the necessary consumables and methods, enabling a more efficient, cost-effective and accurate way to meet EU directives on POPs levels and detection sensitivity.
  • The power to simplify chromatographic analysis, from ordering and sample handling to final report generation.
  • The capacity to shorten the validation period, providing high-quality data in the shortest possible time.
  • Elimination of the need for extensive method development.
  • The inclusion of everything necessary — from columns to consumables.
  • Compatibility with the company’s existing gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy technology and software to generate toxic equivalents for the analyzed samples.