Baumer SensorsBaumer recently launched photoelectric and inductive sensors in hygienic and washdown designs for a complete solution to position detection in the food zone. According to the company, these sensors provide:

  • A higher sensor performance and lifetime due to the proTect+ impermeability concept in which sensors are exposed to continuously changing temperature cycles, in addition to IP68 and IP69K impermeability tests, to ensure a highly reliable sensor for applications requiring minimal sensor maintenance.
  • A SmartReflect background-reflective sensor that uses existing stainless steel machine parts as a reflector, resulting in easier installation and less maintenance (FNDH 14 photoelectric sensor only).
  • An operating temperature range from -40° to 100°C with long-term sealing properties, which allow for versatile fields of application — from the processing of frozen products to areas with clean-in-place processes, while also allowing for food-grade cleaning (inductive sensors with hygienic design only).
  • Resistance against detergents and high-pressure water spray.
  • EHEDG-certified, Ecolab-approved, smooth, groove-free V4A stainless steel housings, as well as mounting accessories.
  • A range of EHEDG-certified reflectors and Ecolab-approved cables with protection class IP69K.
  • FDA-compliant materials.