Actio Chemical DataAs leading manufacturers, such as Nike, HP, Method and Herman Miller, ramp up their safer product design programs, more suppliers are on the hook to share chemical information. To help suppliers provide customers with the information they need, members of the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council (GC3) developed a guidance document called Meeting Customers' Needs for Chemical Data: A Guidance Document for Suppliers, written with input from companies, including Herman Miller, Seagate, Johnson & Johnson, Seagate and Actio. The document covers:

  • How companies can address confidential business information.
  • Benefits suppliers can realize when sharing chemical data information with their customers.
  • The shortcomings of manufacturer safety data sheets (MSDSs) and safety data sheets (SDSs).
  • Examples of corporate chemical data collection practices, customizable letters and forms that can be used by companies to communicate with suppliers.
  • Sources of information on chemical hazards and safer chemicals.
  • Free downloading via