According to Lechler, its 212 Series low-flow axial hollow-cone spray nozzle creates the finest fog-like spray mist possible with a hydraulic nozzle. Other features include:Lechler 212 Fog-Like Mist

  • The ability to produce very low flow rates and extremely small droplets.
  • Suitability for disinfection, humidification and coating applications with water, oil or other fluids in small amounts. 
  • A cylindrical strainer to help avoid clogging of the small orifice.
  • The flexibility to be used when compressed air is not available or desired.
  • Construction from either hardened stainless steel (with the strainer made from Monel) or 316 stainless steel (with the strainer also made from 316 stainless steel).
  • A connection size of 1/4-inch BSP threads.