AMETEK RotronAMETEK has incorporated explosion-proof AC motors into its ROTRON® EN and CP regenerative blowers to provide ideal solutions for a range of environmental remediation and chemical processing applications. These systems also offer:

  • Clean, oil-free and low-noise blowers for reliable service at point-of-operation. 
  • Regenerative air blower technology to develop proper air pressures and vacuums without higher energy and maintenance costs. 
  • A heavy-duty cast aluminum blower housing, impeller, cover and manifold with cast iron threaded flanges, a PTFE lip seal to contain leakage, a sealed assembly to minimize leakage and permanently sealed ball bearings for long service life. 
  • UL- and CSA-approved motors for Class 1, Group D explosive gas atmospheres to promote safe operation in potentially hazardous locations. 
  • Typical applications that include spot sourcing, vent header off-gassing, landfill gas recovery and scrubbing, among many others.
  • The motors’ ability to accommodate international voltage and frequency requirements, while delivering the necessary horsepower to satisfy the most demanding application-specific needs. 
  • Optional corrosion-resistant surface treatments, seals, various accessories and other customizations for the blower.