Enware FAST-ACTEnware has formulated a broad-spectrum toxic chemical spill response kit to end potential confusion and delay in responding to a range of hazardous chemical spills and vapor leaks. According to the company, the FAST-ACT® kit further provides:

  • The ability to rapidly neutralize a broad spectrum of toxic chemicals, including acids, solvents, halogens, acidic and caustic gases, phosphorus and organic compounds, in 1 step.
  • A non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly sorbent that is easy to maintain and use, requiring no pre-mixing and boasting no limited shelf life.
  • The power to break down dangerous substances into safer byproducts.
  • The convenience of using relatively small quantities of product on toxic liquid or vapor incidents because FAST-ACT® creates a massive increase in the powder’s active surface area — just 20g of NanoActive FAST-ACT® has a surface area equivalent to a football field.
  • The flexibility to effectively replace as many as 5 different treatments that would be otherwise required.
  • Availability in shakers, wall units and pressurized cylinders.