General Monitors TS4000H General Monitors now offers reliable monitoring for small hydrogen leaks in a variety of industrial and commercial facility environments with its TS4000H Intelligent hydrogen gas detector. According to the company, the TS4000H is highlighted by:

  • Continuous monitoring and accurate detection of hydrogen from 0 to 500 PPM.
  • A precise electrochemical hydrogen sensor that has a T90 response of under 30 seconds and minimal zero shift across its operating environmental conditions, while remaining unaffected by short-term (≤ 2.5-minute) exposure to hydrogen concentrations up to 50 percent LEL.   
  • The capability to be configured to detect a variety of other toxic gases, including ammonia, carbon monoxide, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, oxygen deficiency, ozone and sulfur dioxide.
  • 4- to 20-mA output, 8-amp relays, HART or Modbus communications, and a 3-digit LED display that displays gas concentrations in PPM. 
  • Display of fault codes for troubleshooting and providing complete status to the control room. 
  • Contained electronics within an explosion-proof housing so that gas sensor information can be processed at the sensor site. 
  • The flexibility to be remotely mounted up to 2,000 feet (610 meters) away from the electronics.
  • Calibration by activating a magnetic switch and applying gas. 
  • Compliance with ATEX, CSA, CE and GOST and certification for use in SIL 2 environments.