KROHNE OPTISENSKROHNE offers its OPTISENS MAC 100 multi-parameter converter — the first device standardized for both flowmeters and analytical measuring devices — for liquid analysis in the water and wastewater industry. The OPTISENS MAC 100 comes equipped with:

  • The capability to specify the number and type of signal inputs and outputs, and define the complexity of the measuring point and the number of parameters.
  • The measurement of many different analytical parameters, such as pH/oxygen reduction potential, free chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, conductive conductivity, inductive conductivity and dissolved oxygen.
  • A modular design for configuration flexibility — from cost-efficient single-channel converters to complex measuring systems.
  • KROHNE’s IFC 100 signal converter to simplify the operating process and reduce costs.
  • A standardized user interface and large, easy-to-use graphic display to speed up commissioning of the device and open access to a range of diagnostic functions.
  • The flexibility to measure 2 different parameters or to connect 2 different sensors to 1 signal converter, thus eliminating the need to install a second signal converter.
  • Automatic cleaning of the chlorine sensors and compensation of cross-sensitivities for consistently reliable data.
  • Standardized startup and operation regardless of which sensor is used or which parameter is being measured.
  • A robust aluminium housing with a protection category of IP66, which means it is suited for external installation even in the harshest ambient conditions, such as those in sedimentation tanks or sludge treatment units.