Mettler enclosuresMETTLER TOLEDO enclosures by Labconco are specifically designed to protect the analyst during the weighing process. Features include:

  • A patented Clean-Sweep air foil that sweeps the work surface to maximize the containment of powders, particulates, and fumes.
  • Operator safety guaranteed by a Guardian Airflow Monitor that continuously monitors airflow to alert the user when velocities are outside of the preset range.
  • An LED light that glows green when airflow is within range, and changes to red accompanied by an audible alarm when airflow is outside the set point range.
  • An ergonomic design and interior dimensions that make this product suitable for micro and analytical balances.
  • A chemical-resistant marble base that provides stability.
  • Epoxy-coated aluminum and steel tempered safety glass to dissipate static, reducing potential for weighing errors.