Shimadzu TOC-LShimadzu Scientific Instruments now offers its TOC-L Series analyzers for total organic carbon testing in aqueous samples. These analyzers further grant:

  • A wide sample range from 4 ?g/L to 30,000 mg/L.
  • The flexibility to analyze ultra-pure to highly contaminated samples of wastewater, brine water, seawater, drinking water and pharmaceutical water.
  • Your choice from 4 models, including PC-controlled and stand-alone versions.
  • Shimadzu’s 680° C combustion catalytic oxidation method to efficiently analyze all organic compounds.
  • Automatic sample acidification and sparging, as well as an automatic dilution function that reduces sample salinity, acidity and alkalinity.
  • Variable syringe sizes when the sample volume is limited.
  • High-precision mass flow controllers to ensure uninterrupted carrier gas for accurate analysis.
  • A zero-maintenance Peltier cooler used for maximum water vapor removal.
  • An on-board air purifier to eliminate the need for high-purity air during testing.
  • Optional salt kits that permit 12 times more salt to be analyzed before maintenance is required.