KNF NF1.60The new KNF NF1.60 micro diaphragm pump for dosing or transferring liquids or liquid-gas mixtures is engineered to realize powerful performance in a small package. According to the company, this compact high-pressure solution additionally delivers:

  • Flow rates up to 650 mL/minute, self-priming to 8.86 inHg suction, and operation against pressures up to 87 PSI both intermittently and continuously over the lifetime of the pump.
  • A patented valve system with precise valve structures and sophisticated diaphragm technology to achieve high levels of efficiency. 
  • The capability to run dry, operate virtually maintenance-free and easily mount in any position.
  • Optimal chemical resistance resulting from the use of PP, PTFE, EPDM and FFMP materials for components that come into contact with pumped media. 
  • The capacity to handle most neutral and aggressive liquids without risk of corrosion or other damage.
  • Your choice of power — either a brush-commutated DC motor or brushless DC motor to extend service life. 
  • The flexibility to specify a wide range of standard voltages and frequencies.