Parker Fast-StorAccording to Parker Parflex, its Fast-Stor® DURA-flex™ twin-line hose is a non-conductive, retractable coiled hose that is 28 percent lighter than competing rubber hose products, thereby reducing operator fatigue and extending hose life. The company says that the twin-line hose also grants:

  • Bend restrictors that allow the hose to bend freely while reducing kink potential.
  • Increased flexibility compared to competitive rubber hoses, promoting easy handling, even in extremely cold temperatures.
  • The reduction of the chance for entanglement with the operator’s feet or in tree limbs due to the tight-coil design. 
  • A UV- and ozone-resistant hose jacket, reducing degradation, and eliminating cracking and moisture ingression
  • Dual construction, which eliminates the need for tie wraps, increasing handling safety. 
  • Compliance with SAE J517 for less than 50 micro-amps leakage at 75,000 volts per foot.