HBM 7HBM recently released version 7 of its nCode Automation™ scalable environment for engineering test data storage, analysis and reporting. nCode Automation 7 improvements include:

  • New interactive reporting capabilities for even easier access to key information from test data.
  • Interactive reports that make it possible for users to view data graphically and reveal further detail by a simple drilldown to other reports, creating a dashboard summary of key engineering data.
  • Color-coded Matrix Reports to display key engineering data in a grid-like display, which allows data to be easily visualized and enables further reports to be run to display or calculate new data as required.
  • Additional graphical elements that permit results filtering, new report generation and raw data review.
  • Distributed application servers to perform analysis tasks across multiple computers, allowing more advanced load balancing configurations, and therefore, better scalability and performance.
  • Secure web-based access from anywhere, increasing collaboration and knowledge transfer.
  • Availability in 3 editions — the personal edition for an individual user and local data applications, the workgroup edition for a single department or company site or the enterprise edition for multi-site or global data access.