Moyno 2000The Moyno® 2000 Model G3 progressing cavity pump features a series of finger mechanisms mounted on 2 counter-rotating shafts. This bridge breaker device, positioned above the pump's auger feed, prevents the accumulation of material in the throat of the pump. The company says that the G3 additionally boasts:

  • Flow rates up to 400 GPM and pressure capabilities up to 350 PSI.
  • Suitability for handling semi-dry, high-solids content or caked substances.
  • A crown gear-type universal joint (the heaviest-duty drive train configuration available) capable of accommodating high torsional and thrust loads.
  • The capacity to handle fluid viscosities of more than 1,000,000 CPS and solids in applications in which product bridging is a concern
  • A bridge breaker that is independently driven for flexibility in controlling pump and bridge breaker speed to meet specific application requirements.
  • The ability to pass particles up to 1.5 inches in diameter.
  • Optimal abrasion resistance.
  • High volumetric and mechanical efficiencies.