Forston Labs’ new NavPilot II Data Analysis Software Forston Labs’ new NavPilot II Data Analysis Software is designed to be used with the LabNavigator™ hand-held analytical meter. The software allows direct-to-PC file transfer via a USB cable, meaning users can export directly from the LabNavigator to Microsoft Excel® or create a .pdf file with no interim steps. The LabNavigator will collect data from a wide range of sensor types, including:

  • pH.
  • ORP.
  • ISE.
  • Colorimeter.
  • Turbidity.
  • Spectrophotometer.
  • Conductivity.
  • TDS.
  • Salinity.
  • Force or impact.
  • Gas detection.
  • Soil moisture.

With the LabNavigator, a lab or field user may input methods or instructions for easy reference, collect data from the sensors, analyze the data, review protocols and record notes in voice format or typed format directly into one instrument while using up to six different types of sensors simultaneously. Analysis features in graphing mode allow users to perform linear and curve fits, draw a prediction line before collecting data, display multiple graphs at once, display a tangent line on the graph, and get peak integration or baseline adjustments. The unit comes with an interface, electrode amplifier, temperature probe, USB cable, USB storage device, AC power adapter, NavPilot© data analysis software and NavCoPilot© method development software.