Sharpe RDSharpe Mixers recently launched its RD line of dry-running mechanical seals for mixers, agitators and reactors to meet ASME-BPE 2009 standards for cleanability. RD seals additionally deliver:

  • Sloped internal surfaces to facilitate drainage and enhance cleanability, including the debris well flush ports. 
  • Proprietary carbon blend construction that virtually eliminates face squeal.
  • The capability to handle a 0.15-inch total run-out.
  • Internal metallic parts exposed to product that come with a 20 Ra finish and optional electro-polishing.
  • Accommodations to replace Flowserve® Type VRA and John Crane® Type 32 seals.
  • Availability of a debris well.
  • BPE compliance, FDA approval or a USP Class VI rating.
  • Suitability for sanitary applications in which product contamination from barrier fluids is unacceptable.