NITRA line of pneumatic componentsAutomationDirect has added new tubing and hose options to its NITRA line of pneumatic components, including bonded straight and coiled styles. Available in 50-foot lengths, NITRA bonded polyurethane tubing is made by a continuous bonding process, resulting in a strong, organized, color-coded package with flexibility and kink resistance. Features include:

  • Shore A 98 hardness rating that provides tight outside diameter tolerance, making it ideal for use with NITRA push-to-connect fittings.
  • Sizes of 5/32 to 1/2-inch and 4mm to 12mm. 

NITRA polyurethane coiled tubing is also available in:

  • Single, double and triple bonded configurations with double and triple coils in contrasting colors.
  • Three working lengths, and in sizes ranging from 5/32-inch to 3/8-inch and 4mm to 10mm, prices start at $4.50. 

Reinforced polyurethane straight hoses, as well as coiled and reinforced coiled styles, are:

  • Available in quarter-inch and 3/8-inch sizes.
  • Fitted with one rigid and one swivel fitting, based on hose inside diameter.
  • Shore A 85 hardness rated.