LB Bohle BTML.B. Bohle recently unveiled its BTM turbo mills, so manufacturers can consider even the most challenging ingredients — wet or dry — for their formulations. BTM 150 and BTM 300 mills employ:

  • Dual-sided blade assemblies that have a hammer-like side to shatter dry materials and a knife-like side to slice wet materials — users simply flip the rotor based on their ingredient.
  • A 1,000- to 6,000-RPM rotor that can reduce materials so they can be discharged through a screen that regulates the final particle dimension to 40 to 500 µm based on screen selection.  
  • A rotating valve that evenly fills product into the milling chamber, while simultaneously protecting against overfilling.
  • An output of about 1,500 kg/hour for the BTM 150 and an output of about 2,500 kg/hour for the BTM 300.
  • A mobile design, along with a variable height adjustment that lets these units fit into almost any production line.
  • Integrated mobile lifting columns.
  • 316 stainless steel for all parts that contact ingredients.
  • cGMP compliance.