Dow Great StuffDow introduces its GREAT STUFF™ disposable work wipes as a quick and convenient way to clean up the inevitable messes that happen. GREAT STUFF is also highlighted by:

  • Suitability of each pre-soaked wipe on a variety of surfaces and products, such as oil and grease, foam sealants, paint, uncured adhesives, grime, tar, stains, ink, epoxy and more.
  • Easy removal of many sticky, tough drips, spills or misapplications.  
  • Dual-sided construction (smooth on one side and textured on the other).
  • The ability to safely clean most tools, hard surfaces and hands.
  • No harsh solvents and no harsh chemical smell.
  • A citrus scent and resealable packaging.
  • Dimensions of 7 by 11 inches.